machine learning - image recognition
The Basics And Purpose of Machine Learning

To understand the basics of machine learning it is important to know what it is. In the simplest terms, machine learning is the ability of a computer system or software platform to teach itself. It is a form of ‘self-programming’ that allows a software...

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1 to Many, Many to Many and Many to 1 – for PR and Inbound

Public relations and inbound marketing share many of the same core concepts and one of particular importance is the sharing of information. Information sharing and how it spreads commonly follows one of three models that examine where information originates from, who receives it, and...

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PR agencies and AI steps needed
5 steps a PR agency must take in the world of AI

Many businesses currently make use of AI as a part of their daily business activities. Naturally, not every business has implemented AI yet and you may wonder how AI will change the PR profession. As a public relations professional, you will encounter (and make...

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upgrade complete version 2
AI Unconference – 23rd January 2018 – Gerrards Cross

What Is An Unconference? We’ve all been to conferences. You sit quietly, listen to someone else speak, don’t have much input from your end, and try not to get caught fiddling with your cell phone. While the traditional conference can be informative the lack...

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robot head science museum
Our Thoughts: A Balanced View On AI

In the final of our three part blog series, we present a third viewpoint, our own. Like many readers such as yourself, we’ve read the same warnings about AI put out in the media by professionals, experts, and technology leaders. However, we’ve also read...

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bots at the London Science Museum 2017
Positive Views Of The Future AI Could Bring

In the previous AI blog, the more pessimistic viewpoints concerning AI were looked at. The general theme of these views was the danger AI presents if left unchecked and the possibly destructive outcome if highly evolved AIs ever grew beyond human control. Despite such...

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