If you work in or with the public cloud, you might want to know how web3 and decentralized storage will impact you.

  • 95% less expensive
  • Beyond “eight-nines” availability (99.999999% uptime)

IDC report here:  https://hub.filecoin.io/hubfs/White%20Papers/IDC.pdf

If those numbers don’t impress you. How about taking the internet into space with IPFS (The Interplanetary File System)? While that might sound a bit crazy, the underlying idea is to move from location, HTTP, based addressing to content-based addressing. Why backhaul data and videos from the other side of the world when you could find the files locally to you?

The ideas, infrastructure and rollout are moving at pace. The Filecoin network storage capacity stands at over 18 EiB with over 2 PiB of data onboarded daily. As a side note, the mission is to preserve humanity’s most important data. This is something we can get behind.