AI for PR producers

AI has already had a profound impact on the business world. With AI already being used for tools such as chat bots, search engines, and data tracking AI will only see expanded use as the technology matures. Public relations is no different and AI will have profound effects for the industry. Some of these improvements include information filtering, the organisation of data, customer targeting, and increased efficiency. These improvements are detailed below.

Four Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Affect The PR Industry

  1. Filtering Of News Results: currently there are tools to follow news feeds, topics, and general interest categories in the press. However, these current tools are somewhat basic and limited in their ability to filter relevant information. AI will enhance tools such as this by filtering down your news feed to only the most useful and industry relevant information. Because of this everything you read will be relevant and you also save time by not having to filter your results.

  2. Organising Data: with AI you will have access to highly detailed information that will allow you to target your PR campaigns more efficiently. As a PR professional you have access to a multitude of data points but the difficulty comes in organising it. AI can filter big data into useful results and data points which you can then apply to your PR releases. For example, market size, competitor performance and external impacts of the regulatory environment can all be used to support the logic of your writing.

  3. Refined And Focused Target Audiences: the best PR isn’t very useful if it goes unread. With AI you can research the most effective communication channels to reach your target audience. This goes beyond broader topics such as the right newspaper or social media platform. For example, with AI you can get real time highly detailed information such as which accounts on social media your target audience follows and which ones trigger the greatest amount of activity from this audience. One of the hardest parts of PR is predicting what course of action will yield the best results or the greatest response. AI takes the guesswork out of this and will make suggestions based on predictions drawn from numerous sets of data. With more accurate predictions your business’s earnings will increase through better results and you will gain a valuable strategic advantage over your competition.

  4. A Refocusing Of Work Activities: lastly, AI will refocus how you spend your work day. With AI handling some of the more mundane aspects of PR this allows you the time to work on the more involved parts of the profession that require the insight and creativity that an AI lacks. This means you will have more time to focus on creative output, ideas, and the best strategies to reach your target audience.

Final Thoughts

The expanding use of AI will have positive effects on the PR industry. The fear that you will be entirely replaced by AI software is unfounded as AI is still a tool that requires human input and application to be truly effective. By leveraging AI as a tool in PR you’ll take a lot of the ‘guess work’ out of it by having highly focused information, having a direction on who to direct this information to, and having the time to focus on creating effective PR material.

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