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In the previous AI blog, the more pessimistic viewpoints concerning AI were looked at. The general theme of these views was the danger AI presents if left unchecked and the possibly destructive outcome if highly evolved AIs ever grew beyond human control. Despite such dire warnings, not all experts feel so negatively towards the future AI could help create. In this entry, we’ll look at the viewpoints of Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Michio Kaku, and Ray Kurzweil.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Views

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a far more positive view of AI than many of his contemporaries. Specifically, he called out Elon Musk’s statements as irresponsible and referring to them as doomsday scenarios. Zuckerberg sees the future application of AI as far more positive and thinks that it could solve many of the issues we currently face and improve the overall quality of life.

Dr. Michio Kaku’s Views

Dr. Kaku takes a rather pragmatic view of AI and its future. In an interview, he remarked on the relative simplicity of current AI powered robots and that over time more complex AIs would develop, however, this would be over a period of time during which mankind would have time to adapt and protect themselves. Overall Dr. Kaku takes a long view of AI development and advises proper precautions.

Ray Kurzweil’s Views

Ray Kurzweil is a director of engineering at Google and well known for his writings and predictions about the future and what technologies may develop. His view on AI is positive and feels humanity can use AI to cure illness, develop green energy, clean up the environment, and educate people. He does however, also note the responsibility humanity has with the development of such technology and that proper safety precautions must be taken.

Final Thoughts

As the above shows, not everyone views AI as the possible end of the entire human race. There is something to be said for being calm when considering future technology development and not assuming the worst possible outcome. That being said as previously noted the theme of humanity being destroyed by their own technology is a common theme in writing, mass media, movies, and other forms of entertainment. That being said the lesson learned for such thinking perhaps should not be one of fear but one of caution. AI offers vast possibilities to do good provided it is carefully maintained and protective measures are enforced and exactly followed. With such widely conflicting view of what AI can be (a destroyer or a savior) the question becomes which of these viewpoints is the correct one. In part three of this blog series we’ll look at our viewpoint on AI, what it holds for the future, and how to be prepared for its development.

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