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BT get it going

BT Broadband ordered mid Jan 2007 and actually got it working on 23rd March 2007. From 1st Feb, to the go live date until 23rd Feb it was of no use. Just like a chocolate teapot. Here is some advice to those that are also …

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Come off it day

April 4th

April 4th was come off it day. You can read the full story here for the Dave Hampton inspired event. We as a family participated fully. There were two things that needed to be done. a) Switch something off that would normally be on. b) …

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The Electrisave is an amazing little portable electricity consumption monitor. It consists of two units, a transmitter that you clip onto your incoming mains and a receiver that you can carry with you. We have been using this for the last couple of months. In …

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Active Clean

The latest customer in development at the moment is Active Clean Ltd. As usual there are discussions around using a photographer or whether the client should take his own photos. Luckily for us the customer chose to use Trewimage (on our recommendation) The results as …

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