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Sometimes you think that progress is very slow…. and when you look back it can seem that you have indeed moved forward. Well there has been a step change here at IMRE. Perhaps some of these are in the mind? Anyway, enough of the questions.

A. Cheap shop.

Cheap is normally bad. But this time not so. We have gone from expensive bespoke ecommerce solutions to Clickcartpro. A shop that complies with standards, is php and mysql driven, accessible, comes with connections to umpteen payment gateways …… and it costs only £160! Amazing. We have three of these on the go as we speak! That means we have a busy August ahead of us.

B. The long tail

Sometimes you notice things here and there….. oh yes thats nice – that seems to work etc, etc, and then you read a book that brings everything together. The book by Chris Anderson has a supporting website / weblog. If your business has anything to do with the internet – then I think you need to read it. On September 6th I will actually be presenting this subject to a local business networking group. I will post more later…..

C. Million Dollar Wiki

Just for once we have not missed the boat. The MDW is a very interesting idea especially if you have read “The Long Tail” – I dont know when we are going to find the time … but we have bought a number of pages. All of them are under construction – but here they are. <——————- yes that will be us!

Is this madness? Have we gone off our trolley? Only time will tell if this was a good idea or a complete waste of time. The guy who set up the million dollar wiki has given up his university place to just concentrate on this! So there you have it. Three big things all in the space of a few days. Who said that time was speeding up?