Tiltviewer in action.In my final year at Uni I spent a long time writing code which meant that the final project really did not work too well, took too long and really did not work as I had intended it to work. Somehow I passed, but was given some advice by my tutor.

– “You should have looked around, you might have been able to reuse some code here and there, you might have got your project finished sooner….”,

….. a bit embarrasing if you have been close to the Unix world as the whole OS has been constructed with the idea reusing bits.

So now we get back to websites and the tool box approach.

Take a look at this gallery:

Not bad eh? That is called the “simpleviewer”

Now for the “tiltviewer”, I have tried to capture two shots of the animation.

Tiltviewer in action.

Tiltviewer in action 2

Take a look here for the live example.

Stunning! – if I may say so.

That is what you can get from a toolbox!!