Artificial Intelligence has become a topic of much debate in recent years as it is seeing more widespread use for practical applications in several different businesses. Various industries have done research and written reports on how AI might affect their industries and in a broader scope society. The following seven articles examine how AI can (or will) affect inbound marketing, marketing in general, and the overall business world.

Seven Articles Exploring The Future Of AI And Inbound Marketing

  1. The Robot Revolution: in this article, the writer takes a broad overarching approach to explaining what AI is, how it is currently affecting business, and how it may affect business in the future. If you’re looking for a ‘big picture’ view this article does a fine job laying out the basics.
  2. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Inbound Marketing: dealing more directly with inbound marketing this article addresses inbound marketing. To be precise it not only touches on AI technology but also on how the big data sources it uses are an important part of how AIs will affect marketing.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Marketing: 6 Observations from Inbound 2016: is a live floor report from Inbound 2016. In this article, six questions about how industry experts view AI and how people will interact with it are answered.
  4. Impact, Part 2: How A.I. Will Affect Marketing In 2017 & Beyond: this article covers the increasing investment in AI and which industries are investing into research and development. From there an overall view on how AI will affect marketing is covered. This includes topics such as inbound marketing, content development, customer tracking, and other important areas.
  5. 10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Customer Experience: when considering how AI will affect marketing don’t forget to think about this from the customer perspective as well. AI can greatly improve the user experience and this article touches on how AI benefits everyone when properly used.
  6. 10 things marketers need to know about AI: is an interesting article because touches on some of the difficulties in implementing AI into existing marketing systems. While the article is certainly positive in tone possible problems such as implementation issues and customer pushback are an important part of the discussion.
  7. Artificial intelligence, chat bots, and the future of marketing: one of the first AI applications starting to see widespread use is the chatbot. This article goes over how chatbots are becoming more common and their effectiveness as not only data mining tools but also as a customer management tool that offers a personalized user experience.


As the listed articles above show AI is becoming a widely talked about topic. Currently, much of the discussion is about fundamentals and possibilities. The simple chatbots of today are going to lead to more advanced and complex systems as time goes on. Understanding the basics of where AI is now and where it could be going allows you to start thinking about how best to implement it into your existing marketing plan.