The old IMRE logo needed a make over

We felt our logo was getting a bit old. At the time, back in 2007, we felt that the future was “video” and that it would be huge, so during the logo development phase we hit the idea of “play”. Not long after we had launched the new site and the new logo we started to see a lot of logos with the play triangle, especially in Microsoft products. But it was too late. It took us forever to launch and we have had to learn to live with it ever since. At the back of our minds, we were always going to do something about it and then 4 years passed us by in a flash. Must do something, must do something and as usual client projects took priority.

This time, we wanted something more original, something more us. We engaged Trevor Baker and asked him to get on with it. Actually, the new font came quite quickly.


IMRE logo variations to show work in progress


The brand device took a little bit more time. We wanted something that would encapsulate our business and you can see what we tried a few combinations. The devices were clever, but where was the “us” thing we were looking for?

It was a bit like recruiting in terms of putting in a massive effort to end up with 3 candidates that are average. It takes so much energy to arrive at a certain point. You should tell all three to go, but you end up trying to justify which of the “OK”s will do.  Then there are the consequences of having to do it all over again.


Finding the brand device for new IMRE logo


Trevor came back in and we had a brain storming session. Questions like these were asked:

  • What do we do?
  • What are our values?
  • What do we want?

As you can image, we help our clients with these types of question, but for ourselves we were stuck. In the end, I think we came up with:

  • We help our clients get on the web
  • We help them navigate through all of the web related technologies
  • We like to make things simple.  (Ah  back to the “hit play button and it happens” concept)

So off went Trevor with the ideas of direction, arrows and some sort of compass. As he was working on a compass graphic, he realised that he had drawn “www” in a circle . A bit more tweaking and he had an arrow. And that was it.  The w, w, and w were all leading back the the  “play” arrow. At that point we knew the journey was over.


IMRE brand device