We often get asked by clients to design logos, brochures, packaging and all manner of print items. We could do this stuff, but we don’t. Why?

Just ask any graphics person, or print management person or I.T. supplier how they got on with creating websites!  They have all had a go. How hard can it be?

The graphics dudes use the same tools, they love the vector, the layers, the clever fonts etc and then they find problems with browser compatibility, fonts go walkies, the page they designed on their mac suddently can’t be seen on a mobile device …… in short after a couple of projects, the move into web seems far too much like hassle. And guess what? They give up.

The IT chappies approach it from a different angle. HTML is simple code for babies right? They can get databases to sit up and beg and will sell you a VPN in the process. They might handle the techie bits quite well, but will bamboozle the client with terms to the point that the client gives up. In general the graphics come in quite poor and the end result just doesn’t cut the mustard.

What about the expansive marketing dudes? Actually they are pretty good at this stuff. They know how to talk to clients, how to get the right messages, how to position the company and the offer. We like marketers and actually do partner with them.  Their usual weakness is “detail”. Let us build an airship and fly to America. Just a couple of details.  Remember the Hindenberg and Hydrogen ?

So that is why we don’t get into logos and brochures and packaging. Our stuff needs attention to detail, rapidly changing technology, keeping the marketing guys grounded, reminding the graphics guys to keep things “simples” and reminding the IT guys that backups, whilst not sexy, are vital.

What we do requires experience on many levels. These project management cartoons are actually very very relevant.


So very simply, we do web design and development. We also hook you up and into the that fancy social media stuff because your website is the backbone to your marketing activities.