Ran in into Alan King, who we have blogged about before, and he was a bit full of gloom and doom. We all get a bit like this don’t we? Alan has many many contacts in Banking, Industry and Engineering…… as far as he can tell, we are all a bit “stuffed”, and possibly for a long time to come.

It can’t be all that bad? Can it?

So it was time for some Google research to find out who will be surviving the recession. Below you will find, I think, some very interesting resources. A “wordle” was a new idea for me 🙂

So whilst we are being “stuffed” some “stuff” is actually happening. My view on all of this?

We need to be more like speed boats than oil tankers. By this I mean, small and nimble, always flexible, always adapting and most importantly we need to be able to demonstrate value to our clients.