Before we talk about Rapidhost, let me state this: Some hosting companies are truly very

difficult to deal with. I will give you a clue and an example.

Carry out the mathematical operation on the company name and the answer = 2

Try to move a domain or talk to support and you get the feeling that life just cannot be this hard. In one example a client was dumped into a black hole and I was

pleading with an Indian support manager to do the decent thing, which he promised to do. On the next phone call I found that he had finished his shift! Arrrghhh.

Result, client email and website was down for 48 hours. No fault of ours, as we had been bady advised and supported on what should have been a simple procedure. (A

procedure that we follow with many other hosting companies!)

Now let us talk about Rapidhost.
A decent, capable, intelligent and a people oriented hosting company. They are a joy to deal with as you can actually talk to them, without cultural translations, and

they really know their stuff. For a specific project we needed a load balancing solution and they simply and calmly organized the technology and came up with a deal

that would not break the bank of our startup client. Every interaction that I have had with them has been entirely professional whether it be on the sales side or

working with the support team. Rapidhost show that on a daily basis hosting does not have to make your blood boil! Rapidhost are different and are worth a serious

look. Simple.

The great news for us is that we have been added to the Rapidhost

partner page. This is a great boon when you consider that the gesture was entirely theirs. We must have done something right! Thank you Rapidhost.