I went into three sales meetings this week and was asked the same question three times!

“Why do business with Imre?”

I think I gave some waffle as I had to think on my feet, on reflection, I should have pointed to the following.

  • Mike, Przemek and I all come from customer support backgrounds. Client support is something that we take very seriously. Mike and Marcin are currently bashing the tin on our new ticketing support system.
  • We have high client retention. Most clients have been with us for at least 3 or 4 years. In a recent survey of 60 clients only 2 would not score us a 4 or 5. Even with these clients we put in 110%. As they say, you cant win them all.
  • Doing the right thing for us is all about getting the right strategy in place for the client. White elephants are just the wrong way to go. Getting it right means coming up with the goods that make sense. And how do we do this? We follow best practice and agile development methods whilst getting down to the essential client objectives.
  • We have a decent portfolio of work, client types and industry sectors. Essentially, we are credible players in our market.

Not convinced? Watch this youtube video clip to find out more.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuJzQKw6xD0

A big thank you to Iain Chalmers from the Holst Group for being such a great client and for going out of his way to make this video in support of Imre.