Normally if you want to understand the state of the world economy you would read the papers and watch the telly….. But I found a better method, dog walking.

I was in Costa today with the Sunday Times and the latest copy of the Economist trying to understand if this was the end of the world as we know it.

Enter Alan King, the owner of Jack, the lab that crashed into me and sent me flying with the result of a knee injury that required me to use a pair of crutches for 3 months……

Let me tell you about Alan. At the moment he can see two things. In his day job he gets to visit the top UK manufacturers and comes home filled with gloom and doom about the state of the UK economy. In the evenings he is a “prosumer” creating and mixing music. For fun he created a website and uploaded some of his work…… Bang! Number one in the charts, loads of contacts massive demand for his music…… an amazing introduction to a whole new world.

If you ever get around to reading Wikinomics they will tell you all about the category six storm that we are about to be hit with. What? Say again – about to be hit ? No ! The current banking turmoil could be this category six storm. To get an idea of what a category six is, we must first understand that hurricane ratings stop at five! This is it folks, we are entering a period of consequences, to quote Churchill. Never will things be the same again.

Massive down turns, serious changes, collapses of banks, unemployment, a complete restructuring of the global economy… But also with incredible opportunities!

Now lets think of Alan again, should he ever lose his job, heaven forbid, he is actually sitting on a huge plan B. This plan B is all about the reach that is possible through social media, the internet and tribal interests. Build it – or rather create it – and they will come.

Forget the papers, the BBC and the traditional media. Go walk your dog and talk to the real economy. Be prepared for massive change and massive opportunities! Change happens and now is the time to be prepared.

More info on Alan and his rise and rise in the alternative charts: