We were lucky to visit INTERNET WORLD 2008 in London.
It gave us some fresh ideas and directions as to where the INTERNET is heading.

So Where?
Content is King.
After the web 2.0 chaos, where key to success was to create channels of communication, now comes the age of content. And the content is not only text and images, but…

Virtual 3D Web
There is one trend which we can call Virtual 3D Reality. Now we can find it in Second Life, but the point is that the changes might go even further. At the moment we have two dimensions to navigate the internet. We saw the same situation in the gaming industry 20 years ago. There were 2D games only, but now… So maybe in the next year or so we will use IE 3D and browse 3D Models in a 3dgoogle?

Video Web
If we observe the success of YouTube, we can discover that internet video can be a powerful marketing tool. But video content can be much more interactive and much more connected with the text content of a website.

On the www.inteliwise.com website, there is an example of internet video customer service. In fact the content of websites can be presented in mixed video and text format. Not only for customer service, but also for product presentations to demonstrate usage.
There is an example of the Thomson.co.uk website, where we can find over 2000 product videos. The Effect? Thomson is number one in the e-travel industry.

What is the conclusion?
The Website is on the way to be the most powerful marketing tool. If we have all the media inside (text, video, music, images, 3D), do we need anything else? Maybe this idea is strange. But if we look at the research, we will discover that UK teenagers browse the internet more than they watch TV. There is also Wimax( Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) which means that the internet can be accessed everywhere.

What is the conclusion for Web Design Companies?
We have to be open for new features, such as video and 3D, to be able to deliver to clients the best possible marketings tools.