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Social Media Process Measurement?

An “unconference” held at the Bucks New Uni was well attended with people travelling some distance to get to High Wycombe. (Toby Moores of SleepyDog travelled down from Leicestershire!)

The event, if you chose, was 6 hours of non-stop presentations and around the table discussions. Great stuff. More events are planned and who knows, maybe IMRE will be brave enough to present next time!

Great event, and what good PR for the Bucks New Uni.

With this post I thought I would put up a diagram that neatly shows what could be measured in Social Media. Elements of the picture came about from the ideas expressed by various people from around the table.

Social media elements that could be measured.

Sketch explained:

  1. Think of social media as water or electricity. For the moment water seems to fit best.
  2. Pick a good spot, and build a dam. This is your investment. Water from streams, rivers and run-off will fill the dam.
  3. The water behind the damn is the network of people taking part in the community.
  4. The pump is the marketing spend required to bring more water / people. Again this is cost or investment. This can be from the “long tail”, canals and pipelines from other geographies.
  5. As you build up the reserve behind the dam wall you are effectively building the “tribal interest” and sooner or later the I.Q. begins to show. This is the value-add.
  6. The IQ can stimulate and take action. This is the potential.
  7. The impact has amplitude. (Example given during the meeting was the Chinese arms shipment to Zimbabwe)
  8. The negative and positive can also be seen as the charge.

Admittedly this is a rough model, but it does encompass the discussions and gives you an idea as to what could be measured.

  1. Tribal IQ
  2. Dam capacity (therefore the investment required to build it)
  3. Marketing spend
  4. ????????????Potential (flow, volume, power/energy generated)
  5. ??????

  6. Impact (amplitude)

Who benefits? Who wins? Who “controls” the tribal IQ? What are the rules for business? Hits, pageviews and conversions have less meaning as the supra-intelligence is outside of the machine……. (wikipedia has shown the self healing animal)

More info on the event: