A marketing person would say, do not write this post as you will turn clients away. In a sense they would be right. However we decided that from day one we would be clear with everyone and tell people how we do things via this blog.

The Urban Strides website took well over a year to create. In-fact initial discussions started about two years ago. The client was obviously very successful and was achieving amazing results. But they were looking for that little extra thing. The “It” factor, and the problem with that is simple, you will not know what an “It” is until you find it. And that was the story of IMRE and Urban Strides. Many ideas, many blind alleys, many logos, a few hard words, inspirational moments, deadlines almost missed……..

The important thing is this. The client stuck with us and we were certainly not about to give up. We got there. Or should I say Adam got there, because I can not take any credit for this site. Well done Adam. Now take a look at the site below. See the background, amazing, and oh yes Andy had to pay me a £5 bet as he did not believe the background could be used for marketing advantage.