We try not to get involved in logo design as there are many issues.

Our advice:

When you talk to a logo designer make sure that you have covered the deliverables:

  1. All Items should be delivered on a CD
  2. The logo should be designed for print. (Will the logo print on various print media)
  3. The logo should work for digital media. (Not just websites, pdf files, powerpoint, overhead projectors etc etc)
  4. The actual deliverables should contain
    1. Eps files for print
    2. Original source files eg Adobe illustrator
    3. Logos delivered as .gif, .jpg, and .png.
    4. A good logo designer will also deliver versions for fax heads and items that will photocopy
    5. How about a version for embroidery onto hats and shirts?

Good luck, and dont do this on the cheap.