Yesterday I posted about the Google 20% freetime…

To my amazement, the post was listed in the Google indexes within 15 minutes! You have trouble believing this dont you? Take a look at this screen shot.

How fast can Google index your web page?

Stone the crows! I still cant believe it.

What are the lessons to be learnt?

  1. If you are not blogging…… why?
  2. If you are blogging, well then get on with it, share your experiences, boost your profile, let people find out about you and your business. Let the Blog show your passion. Show people how you can help them.
  3. Uncle Google will then help you by accelerating the discovery of your pages.
  4. You will be up there and found on the pages that have no Google adwords. You will be a part of the long tail of keywords searched. (Save on SEO and SEM costs)

I was convinced about Blogs before, but this discovery of an almost instant Google inclusion just blows my mind away……

Some of you reading this post will not be convinced. I can hear it already. (To tell the truth I was also thinking it) By some miracle of events… I just happened to make a post prior to a Google bot visit etc etc etc etc. I can even hear someone bet me that the experience is not repeatable. Well it is. This very post you are reading was saved and published. A few minutes later it appeared on the search results. Again take a look at the screen shot.

Update from IMRE 10/Feb/08
Our client had noticed this also. In their case, they had made an update to their Blog and an hour later they noticed their post had made it into the Google search results.