We recently wrote about the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the growth of marketing to machines. You can read the full article here but, essentially, we looked at the reality that technology advancement means we are moving ever closer to a world where AI’s are talking to AI’s with no human involvement.

On the positive side that means convenience for us – our smart devices will be able to renew our insurance at the best price for example without us having to even open up a browser. But there is also concern about what the lack of human involvement could mean. How will this change the way we market? Will humans be left out of the loop? Are we at danger of blindly slipping down a rabbit hole from which we are unable to escape?

Forthcoming debate: The rise of marketing to machines should be embraced, not resisted

We are taking part in a debate discussing this very topic. At the debate we will look at whether we should embrace or resist the advancement of marketing to machines.

  • What are the real issues and how should we respond?
  • Will humans and AI be able to work as a team?
  • What is the consequence for marketing jobs?
  • Will AI increase human productivity?
  • Or will humans simply be out of the loop?

It is a debate with a twist. In a typical debate you have one side that will argue for the motion and one that will argue against. In this very special debate, we will have one speaker that will approach the topic from a physicist’s point of view and the other from a philosophical point of view. By approaching the debate in this way, we aim to not only consider the likelihood of the motion coming true, but also what the consequences of that would be and whether those consequences would be welcome.

At the event, you will hear two very credible and capable speakers who know how to communicate complex ideas.  We are asking our speakers to test and to present the topic without bias. We wish to help you make up your own mind and for you to be confident that there are no hidden agendas.

Our debaters

The physicist: Desire Binam
Experience French Toastmasters (President 2018/2019)
Finance Business Analyst (Consultant)
Data Science Speaker (Member)

The philosopher: David McMahon
Sustainable Finance Toastmasters (President)
Sustainable Finance Data Solutions (Consultant)​
Data Science Speaker (Member)​

 The chair: Paul Imre
Data Science Speakers (VP Education)
Great Debating Club (Member)
IMRE (Founder)

 The audience:

  • After the debate, there will be time for you to cross-examine the speakers to help us dive even deeper into this topic.

Want to join us?

To take part in this very special debate, follow this to register.

Event details:

  • Date: Thursday 26th September 2019
  • Time: 15:00 – 15:30
  • Location: MadTech & Data Driven Insights – Olympia London

More about our speakers:

The chair and both speakers are members of Data Science Speakers (DSS) which is a specialist Toastmaster club in London. Being able to present complicated ideas, data and insights are what makes the DSS club special.

We are also members of the following debating clubs: