– What do you need to know?

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is developing at a rapid rate and transforming the way we communicate with businesses. But what is it? What is it for? And why might it be useful?

Let’s take a look.

What is it?

Conversational AI is the use of chat bots, speech-based assistants (such as Alexa), and messaging apps to automate communication. Essentially, they are intelligent assistants that can provide automated but customised responses via text, and also audio, simulating human conversation.

What is it for?

Conversational AI enables organisations to create personalised customer interactions at scale. Increasingly people are choosing to communicate with friends via chat platforms as it is so quick, easy and convenient. We are starting to do the same when talking to businesses and conversational AI makes this a realistic option for businesses.

Why might it be useful?

Intelligent assistants are able to engage in two-way interactions, they provide the convenience that customers are looking for, in a profitable way for organisations.

The scalability of conversational AI is one of its biggest benefits from a business point of view. Conversational AI enables organisations are able to create personalised conversations but at scale, and without increasing customer service costs. Intelligent assistants are able to hand over to their human counterparts whenever needed, however as their learning continues, these instances will become less and less. Conversational AI allows businesses to communicate individually with their customers, simultaneously, without impacting the bottom line.

From a customer’s point of view, conversational AI brings convenience. They can contact a business and receive a response at any time of the day or night. And unlike on social media, the interactions are two-way, they use natural language, and they are personalised. Especially as the technology behind voice platforms develops, conversational AI provides consumers with choice over how they communicate with businesses, and when. They can receive the support they need, in the way they choose, whenever suits them.

Key take away

Conversational AI brings humans and robots closer together. This is a fast-developing technology and the advancements of two-way interaction means that intelligent assistants are providing human-like support for customers where and when customers want it, but at the fraction of the cost for businesses. We very much anticipate we will see the continued growth of conversational AI through our everyday lives.