PR agencies and AI steps needed

Many businesses currently make use of AI as a part of their daily business activities. Naturally, not every business has implemented AI yet and you may wonder how AI will change the PR profession. As a public relations professional, you will encounter (and make use) of AI like every other industry. If you’re new to AI here are five steps that will not only inform you of how AI fits into PR but also how a PR agency should prepare itself for the growing use of artificial intelligence in the business world.

5 Steps A PR Agency Must Take In The World Of AI

  1. The Importance Of Education: much like with any new technology being concerned about what changes it will bring is an expected and perfectly natural reaction. First and foremost the way to deal with uncertainty is education. AI will not replace entire industries. AI is simply a tool, one that will change your workday, but it won’t replace you as an employee. In the broader sense, PR agencies should be open and forthcoming with any AI plans, uses, and implementation. Remember if facts and openness are absent people have a tendency to assume the worst.
  2. Know That Work Will Change: AI will change your workday chiefly by taking over more mundane activities. AI can process vast amounts of data and produce relevant information far more quickly than a person can. What this means is ‘busy work’ will be automated leaving PR professionals more time to focus their workday on more important tasks. For a company, this means reviewing what their workers’ days should look like as older tasks are now handled by AI software. This means your work will focus more on creative and applied matters such as PR campaigns, implementation, strategies, and writing PR materials.
  3. Work Culture Will Also (Likely) Change: aside from the workday workplace culture will also change. PR, like many other industries, had the classic business configuration of top-down management and a clear chain of command. AI driven businesses will be more fluid with an open sharing of vast amounts of AI developed information, sharing of goals and projects, an increased focus on teamwork, and a more unified company culture.
  4. Learn How To Use AI As A Tool: another step a PR agency must make in the changing AI world is making sure their employees are properly trained on how to interact and use these new tools. AI can produce highly focused information but is also unique in that you can interact with it in ways you cannot with traditional software. For example, many AI software platforms can be questioned via a chat program like a person. A good PR agency will be prepared for this unique learning curve.
  5. It’s Important To Stay Current: lastly, PR agencies have to be ready to start researching and implementing AI technology today and not at some undisclosed point in the future. Remember, your competitors will be taking advantage of these new and exciting changes and leaving yourself at a technological disadvantage means your competition will leave you behind.

Final Thoughts And Further Education

AI has the potential to change the business world like few things before it. The key takeaway is to stay informed and engaged. Technology changes at a rapid pace and AI is no different. Here are three links of interest concerning AI general technology, software, and implementation.

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  2. Watsonfinds: AI software that scans writing for its emotional impact and content.
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