There is an old joke that talks about the creation of Europe. It goes something like this.

1. The French wanted a Europe to stop the Germans from constantly invading.
2. The Germans needed a Europe due to Panzers being out of fashion.
3. The Brits wanted to join Europe after being kicked out of all the colonies.
4. The Irish wanted to join because the Brits must have known something!

As far as Social Media goes I am a bit like the Irish. I have been watching the dudes from the Social Media Mafia as I think they must know something. If the Irish can join Europe, well then I can join Twitter.

BUT – my biggest worry about all of this stuff has been around productivity. So I asked that question on Twitter and this is what I got back:

loudmouthman @audio yes education and insight, when applied to process and motivation is excellent tool to do things well, rather than more.

So I held these beliefs that Social Media must have a huge cost. Loudmouthman put a spanner in this line of thought only after a few seconds of me having raised the issue.

If you have read Clive Woodward’s book on winning, you will know that rather than trying to raise performance by 100%, using one method, you are much better off improving 100 things by 1%. In terms of Social Media the maths may actually look more like this:

audio RT @i_paul @audio One person loses say 10% but a hundred people gain by one or two percent? The bar moves up for everyone. Thats cool

So time to be more like the Social Media Mafia peeps. Time to engage and take action.