Move Simple

If you ever do need to sort out your industrial water systems and you are plagued by little nasties in your water then you can’t go wrong with a Hydrotec Hydropur.Quoting the website : ” The UV lamp light, penetrates the cell wall of a micro-organism such as bacteria, a virus or fungi. In doing so it alters the micro-organism’s DNA, which in turn prevents it from reproducing. When located on the incoming main of the building, this method prevents virtually 100% of bacteria from entering the system.”


Now that you have read this are you really going to go on a sunbed ? (Image from Trew – who else?)

So what have we been up to?

Well we have had our first customer where there has been no meetings or contact other than that by phone or electronic means. This is a very interesting way of working as it does add a level of complication. Initially it is very hard to get a good feel for what is needed. The website is The Marketing Helpdesk. The customer came up with concept and you can really see the years of experience sitting behind it. Very simple, to the point and elegant. A marketing company should really have something that works. And this does exactly that, it works. Unfortunately we can’t take credit for the concept but we do like the way it all hangs together and hope the customer can get some mileage out of it.

Go on ask a question! Attract more customers. Get a piece of the action. The Marketing Helpdesk is ready for your calls.

The next interesting project involves Tipi’s and Yurts – more to be said on that later…….. Well on second thoughts… Maybe get a Rover 75 put a Yurt in the back and send Blair, Brown, Howard and Kennedy to Kyrgyzstan. After recently ridding their despot they might well be ready for a dose of entertainment. They should explain to to these people how postal ballots are good for fair elections……..

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