The latest customer in development at the moment is Active Clean Ltd. As usual there are discussions around using a photographer or whether the client should take his own photos. Luckily for us the customer chose to use Trewimage (on our recommendation) The results as you would expect are absolutely fantastic!

Active Clean

I had to ask what an earth this photo was! Amazing.Good news on the front. The page hits have gone into overdrive and the site is currently growing exponentially. We had been tracking a 30% growth in traffic on a month on month basis. However March has seen this figure explode. The interesting thing is that one of our Green contacts submitted his article to 4ecotips before the Guardian. Now that says something!

When you wait for a bus you get two at once. We are currently working on two “water treatment” websites. The tough issue here is make sure we keep the ideas separate and maintain client confidentiality. The sites being developed are and We are happy to report that we are keeping things nicely apart. Although we are getting an education into scale, sludge and needle shaped thingymijigs………