Transforming from a web design to a hybrid inbound marketing agency

From Web Design to Inbound Marketing

For more than 10 years, we have been offering our clients the opportunity to develop high-quality, visually engaging, and professional yet creative websites, helping them take their businesses to the next level. Now, it’s our turn to go one step further.   Yes, change can be scary. However, any organisation struggling to thrive, not just survive, in today’s fast-moving business environment, must change, one way or the other. Without change, a company can easily lose its competitive advantage along with customers and profit. In fact, without change, all organisations face extinction, regardless of how large and powerful they are.

What Do We Mean by “Change”?

Here is a short answer: inbound marketing, or “pull” marketing. Recent reports have indicated that inbound marketing generates 50 percent more leads than outbound marketing, previously referred to as “push” marketing.   Unlike outbound marketing, which focuses on taking products and services to customers, inbound marketing aims to get customers to come to you. Common inbound marketing tactics include mass media and social media promotions, sales promotions, and word-of-mouth marketing. From a business perspective, inbound marketing is the only form of marketing that creates brand loyalty, turning prospects into sales leads and repeat customers.

Reasons Why We Have Embraced Inbound Marketing

Is inbound marketing going to help us develop a more lucrative web design strategy for our clients? Will we be able to offer customers superior websites? What about their websites’ users? Will they benefit from an amazing, engaging, unforgettable experience?   Thanks to inbound marketing, not only will we be able to do all these, but we will also gain a better understanding of evolving technologies, consumer behaviour, and new marketing and social trends, which form an indestructible relationship in which people and technologies are bond together, complementing each other perfectly. The tech whiz kids, or millenials, we see around us every day, for instance, cannot imagine their lives without smart devices and Business Intelligence applications.   Unfortunately, the business leaders missing out on the opportunity offered by inbound marketing today will fail to win the “heart and mind” of tomorrow’s generation. Eventually, they will get lost in the “perfect storm” of change, already threatening the corporate world.   For all these reasons, we have decided to adopt a hybrid business model that uniquely combines our specialised knowledge and technical expertise with extensive experience in web design and inbound marketing.

Why Follow Us?

We are not only marketers and web designers; we are also business owners, so we know what it takes to run a business and how difficult it is to embrace change.   So, why follow us? Why should you change your approach, perspectives, and methodologies? Here are a few key benefits you will enjoy:
  • Consumer engagement – We are living in a multi-device world. Therefore, engaging consumers is not that difficult. Desktop and mobile applications deliver huge opportunities for businesses to reach prospects and enhance customer experience at all touch points in the communication and buying process.
  • Consumer empowerment – The technological advances we have seen lately are driving a real marketing revolution, blurring traditional marketing techniques in an effort to allow consumers to look for the products and services they need, interact with companies, and complete transactions on their own terms.
  • Greater efficiency – Our combined strategy will enable you to enhance efficiency and profitability by allocating marketing resources primarily to the activities that ensure the highest return on investment.
Undoubtedly, inbound marketing is here to stay. With our unique web design-inbound marketing approach, we will not only make the Web work for you; we will make the Web love you.