I have been in customer support for years and years and years. While this is a fulfilling job there are days when things can be difficult. We spend hours trying to help customers. The frustrating thing is when our colleagues, or rather our peers, do not take us seriously or do not take action to help our client who is actually also their client.

A twitter exchange with Chris Mack led us to discover the Spokal tool. I thought, this looks really useful, lets give it a spin.

First impressions are:

  • Really cool image editing capability
  • Really easy to add content and publish.
  • The content appears on our blog, unlike some other inbound tools that we could mention
  • Some issues with styling
  • We will to look a bit more into how to carry accross the CSS and to see if we can make this seamless.
  • How do I get to the categories and tags?
Perhaps the work flow needs to be to prepare the article in Spokal and then to finish off in WordPress?  Hmmmm must give this some thought.

Well we certainly have a conversation going with Chris Mack!

Thanks Chris, so how do I do multiple campaigns?

  • Landing pages A -> Product or Service A -> List A -> Nurture A
  • Landing pages A -> Product or Service A -> List A -> Nurture B

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