Business Connections Live was an hour long, live show, where web design considerations were discussed. Essentially, you need to forget the techno-babble and just concentrate on the business drivers. Do this and then you will find out that you are actually starting to go down the right path. Enjoy.

How did we get on the Business Connections show?

RTTVMEDIA had some website support issues. They Googled for help, found us and we fixed their problems. Then one day they needed someone to help present a show about WordPress….

Whilst WordPress is a great topic and a super content management system, it is not in our view, an exciting “business” subject. How you use a website for business OR how you go about getting the right website is a much more interesting thought for the target audience of business owners and directors.

We thank the team at Business Connections Live for this wonderful PR opportunity, watch their programme live every Wednesday at 7pm.

Business Connections Live is a weekly interactive live television programme delivered straight to your PC, Notepad or Smart Phone. You can watch for free, simply sign up to their exclusive membership area to watch past editions of the live programme and have access to manuals, videos and webcasts, all to help make your business more successful and profitable.