We wish to congratulate the Holst Group for the recent launch of the McQuaig.co.uk website to support the McQuaig Psychometric product set in the regional market.

Hat tip to Iain Chalmers for having struck out on a bold new strategy and above all for having followed through on the delivery of some new and great content. The amount of stuff created and the quality that has been achieved is quite astounding. The new material covers training manuals, videos, blogs and naturally, where we come in, the website!

You might be thinking, how can a web designer judge the materials? Well this is not hot air, we have used the McQuaig psychometric testing products and  recently the Holst Group invited us to follow the McQuaig Interpreter training. Paul Imre is now an Accredited Interpreter. Having followed the training course there was an added benefit in that we really understood the purpose of the website and we really hope that this added something extra to the result!

One thing is for sure, we really do see the funny side to this Christmas card that was sent by Iain’s team a couple of years ago!