The great thing about having a client like The Holstgroup is that we get to pick up on some great ideas. This latest post has an interview with Edward De Bono.

If you are an academic or a politician you just have to argue hard enough to convince people that you are right. If you are in business you can be right but the bottom line is the ultimate test. Brilliant! So obvious. But what are we all doing? How much time do we actually think? Pay tax man, find customers, invoice customer, pay salaries and so it goes on and on. When do we actually stop and take time out to think?

Most small business owners struggle, most start ups are bust within two years. Why? Is it because we lack energy, market, customers, cash or is it a simple matter of not thinking? As Edward seems to claim the education system sets us up to fail.

All very interesting. Time to start thinking with the market about to turn, the bottom line calls for it!!