DNS whilst being a wonderful mechanism has a huge drawback. If you make a mistake……… you can end up without emails and your website.

Well, I made a mistake and caused a client’s email and website to go offline. As we are in the Easter period all the normal support channels are closed with no hope of automated tickets or phone calls getting any action. (I tried)

After a bit of digging I was able to determine that the DNS was pointing to a competitor’s hosting services. What choice did I have? Do nothing (not an option) or try the competitor (unlikely to help)? Well I phoned www.webdimension.co.uk to see if something could be done.

The initial reaction was “Sorry I cant help you, this is Easter, I have been out and I have a hangover (I could also hear his kids in the background…..) My contact’s name is Rob, and Rob took a few seconds to realize my predicament….. and then he decided to help out.

To cut a long story short, Rob was under no obligation to help me out, but he did. By helping me, he has helped our client minimise loss of emails and website down time.

You are a true professional.

Web Dimension build websites for the Army, have their own CMS and do a lot more besides. If this is how Rob treats a competitor, can you image how well he must treat his own clients?