Imagine this. You get taken in by a salesman who does not do his research and sells you a product that cannot possibly deliver. Imagine that you make this discovery by talking to project managers and you actually come to a conclusion that actually you should simply cancel and walk away from the whole thing. But you listen to the patter of the marketing director who suggests a compromise. You think, well this sounds reasonable and then you go for it. Some internal voice says You had better document these conversations……

Well I am glad that I kept good notes because soon I became a football in an organization that promised to call me back and never did.

Here is a list of people who all said. Dont worry Paul, we will look into this and get back you.

The Salesman
The Marketing Director
The Managing Director
The Product Managers
Various people who pick up the main phone
The accounts department.
The credit control department

I had all these promises, notes and emails, but would the accounts department take any notice? No. Sorry sir you must pay this invoice. What? I have just told you I have emails, notes, the word of your MD and Marketing director…… Sorry sir, you must pay.

Pay for what? Nothing has been delivered!

Then it all went quiet. For months nothing……

Enter Omid Mahmoudi. What a difference he made. He started by making promises and keeping them. He came to see me. He sorted out all the problems and got the product delivered. Omid did his job by taking care of all the simple customer service stuff. This one man stood up, took a personal interest and followed everything through.

Would I buy from this company again? (I don’t know, perhaps if I could avoid all of the people who would not keep promises…. well maybe) Would I buy from Omid? Certainly. Would I recommend Omid? Yes. Omid is an asset to his company, and they could learn a lot from him. All they need to do is listen.

One man can make a difference.



CC. MD of the company concerned.