The Google Analytics set of tools has a very useful feature called site overlay. See this image below where we have compared a section of the IMRE website home page.

Screen shot of Google Analytics overlay in action

The image on the left shows the normal view, this is how most people would see these links. The image on the right shows the site overlay feature in action. This graphic tells us that 38% of the home page visitors go straight to the IMRE blog.

Now as a business what action would you take? Well we are at it….


We just had a potential client phone us up to say that they had looked at our website and our Blog. They also told us that many of their peers had websites made for them where actual site was ok, but the long term support was lacking. They had read our posts on our Dell experience and could see our attitude towards customer service. There you go. That is the power of a Blog. Forget the clean, massaged, clinical and polished website pages….. your potential clients want to understand what you are really all about.