On the BBC website I read that many in Korea and Japan have access to Broadband with amazing speeds. Upto 50 Mbps. Amazing considering that I now have a Zippy Zero Mbps.You would not believe the hell I have had from BT just to get Business Broadband. To cut a long story short… BT has been splattered into Wholesale, Openreach and I think BT or is it BT Business or do I talk talk to BT Business Broadband? Dunno. They have been cut up into many different bits.

From a process point of view I can only talk to their level one people and when ever I phone them up they make me do all the first level diagnostics….. This has been going on for a month, yes for a month. Forget escalations, they avoid that. Forget using the complaints dept as they will close the complaint because it is a technical problem….

If they promise a call back, it might happen 1 in 5 times…. and oh they will keep closing your ticket!! Why? Well their tests show that there is no problem! No problem? My broadband does not work. You know this, I phone you every day to chase the problem…. “yes sorry sir it wont happen again. I have created a new incident and I will put in capital letters DO NOT CLOSE.” Guess what? They closed the case!!

Can’t complain because they will close the complaint as it is a technical problem. The 1st level wont escalate….. and they close the tickets after a period of inactivity! Who is inactive? I keep phoning you everyday… so why close the case? I did manage to escalate once to a manager and he did call me back a few times…. after that I guess he must have got bored and moved onto something else….

I had an engineer turn up on site. He did not want to be there, he did the absolute minimum and then b….red off. Yes, line is fine, noise levels are ok. So what happens next? Case closed!!

How is this possible ?

  • they have sent me two routers
  • hey have been to the exchnage umpteen times
  • the broadband has never worked and they keep closing the case

Eventually they sent an engineer back to the exchange… who knew nothing of the case… which meant that I had to explain to him my whole lifestory for the month….. As Luck would have it this chap was interested in doing his job and found that the line was ok one way and not for two way traffic. (I bet they get DUPLEX in Japan)

So my broadband has been “ceased” – Very funny – it was never alive. And now will be provisioned again. Time to wait 10 days ….

I did a lot of googling to see if I could troubleshoot this myself. Unfortunately, I could find nothing and since BT do not seem to have a knowledgebase…

BT Two line router 2700. Internet light is always red. The diagnostics show four “UPs”. So the router would get as far as the PPP stuff but would never try to login to the remote access servers.

BT – wake up.
Here is a plan of action for you.

  1. Ownership. Stop passing stuff about. Someone needs to have a global view of what is going on.
  2. Time based escalation. If the problem is old then the client is starting to fume and get very angry with you. You must escalate the ticket to people who can fix stuff
  3. If you agree to a call back. Call back – simple
  4. Yes you have broken yourself into lots of little BTs… but that is no excuse as YOUR engineers have said that it was not much better before.
  5. The customer comes first.
  6. Go and buy a knowledge base
  7. Only close a ticket if a customer has agreed to it

This is not funny – you are turning us into a 5th world country.

So why did I go to BT? Am I stupid ?

Well this was the logic. Many of my clients use BT and often enough I have to sort out their email problems. So I thought, might as well go with BT as they cant be THAT BAD… Also I have heard that 3rd party providers can get into a pissing contest where BT and the 3rd party blame each other……… Well I have news for you.

When the 1st BT engineer turned up with his negative cloud and poor attitude.. after he had done his job, he said to me: “Well it looks like you will have to call your provider.” Er WHAT ? You are my provider! Look at the router it says BT – all of this came from BT.

His answer. “We cant show you any preference we must show all providers the same level of service.”

So what does that mean? Same level of service? You mean everyone gets B…. all when stuff does not work?

So thats it then? No advantage to using BT? They said it, not me.

Well folks you might be laughing, but this is a sad story for the nation. We as a country need the best possible broadband, BUT we are at the mercy of BT.

In Japan they have a system for dealing with shame. They call it Hara-kiri.