I.E 7

Well IE 7 has hit the general population…. and to my great surprise most of our work seems to be ok. Phew! The strategy of sticking very closely to standards, using CSS which makes a whole bunch of sense on paper actually seems to be working in the real world…. Microsoft following standards? Seems like it. (Other developer colleagues have reported big problems, but we have not yet seen these sorts of issues…..) Fingers crossed.

We have been using a wonderful chat tool for a number of customers from www.sightmax.com. Looks good, easy to integrate, simple to choose, good price, nice operator console…… and the fly in the ointment? Just their bit of javascript code breaks all the validators. I have been trying to explain to them the advantages of CSS, XHTML validation etc etc…. but they still believe that that it wont work, cant work…. shame.

Sticking to standards should be obvious to all, but people still seem to glaze over and not bother. I think that avoiding standards and accessibility has to be a very short term strategy. A bit like taking a shot gun to your foot.

With one of our clients we have been working on developing pages for mobile devices. When you think just how many mobile devices there are out there and they are only going to increase…… A good solution is to create your pages to follow the standards and then you actually find that making your site work on mobile devices is soooo much easier as you have already done most of the work…..

Anyway enough of that.

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