Come off it day

April 4th was come off it day. You can read the full story here for the Dave Hampton inspired event. We as a family participated fully. There were two things that needed to be done.

a) Switch something off that would normally be on.

b) Replace an old light bulb with an energy efficient device.

Well, we switched off the telly which had the added bonus of improving family communications and we actually replaced two light bulbs. So there you have it we did our bit.

Now check this out! Real time, well near enough, energy consumption graphs.

Well that was one good action…. here is another. Imre Ltd are proud to help The Childless Widows and Orphans Charity If you visit their site you will see that they have hearts of gold and are very active in helping the homeless. The site has numerous newspaper clippings. They are genuine, authentic and are thoroughly decent.