ImreI spent many years working for others. Always being the good boy, always working hard and always finding that my company had been taken over by some other. This would invariably result in new managers and lots of politics. Sometimes I would survive and on two occasions the ejector seat had my name on it. Well it was time to do something about it before I become one of those over the hill people.In 2003 I set up rgbinfotech ltd with a partner. In 2004 it was clear that rgbinfotech was not going to work out. So in April 2004 Imre Ltd was born. So here I am now looking to build a solid 2005.

Along the way I have met many good people and have built some solid business relationships. Jeremy Trew is a master Photographer and Fiona Buckley can make magic out of my scribbles.

So now for the new website image. The Imre ltd website had reached version3 and was using some appalling call-center type images. I did not know what to replace them with. After talking to Jeremy there was to be some mileage to be gained out of a piece of rope.

Here are the ideas:

a. We wont tie you up in knots

b. Simple and easy to understand

c. If we can make a bit rope look good, then imagine what we can do for your website……

d. We can untangle the web for you

e. We can splice together a solution for you

f. No hidden extras – you get what you see

So an image speaks a thousand words and this piece of rope says all of the above.

Take care,