4 Ecotips

4EcotipsIf you read Frank J Rumbauskas “Cold Calling is a waste of time” you will get an education. You will learn lots and you will have a new strategy for winning new business. This blog is a result of me reading his work.However if I had read Frank’s ideas in January 2004 then I would not have met Andrew Leech as Frank is not too impressed with Breakfast clubs. I was introduced to Andrew at the Gerrard’s Cross business breakfast club.

Andrew Leech is an amazing gentleman and has many years experience of ferreting around and finding out good stuff that only a top journalist could uncover. This talent for finding information is now being put to good use through the 4ecotips.com website. If you have an eco-side to you you will be familiar with some of the topics. The website aims to tackle the issue of global warming with practical suggestions on how you can make informed choices. For this and other reasons the website stays formal and clinical. But there is another side to Andrew and this can be seen on his blog. His postings always put a smile of my face. I think Andrew is a swashbuckling Errol Flynn type eco-warrior at heart and he does not hold back the punches. Ouch! Mr Bush and others do get a verbal bashing or two….

Imre Ltd is proud to be associated with Andrew Leech and the 4ecotips project.



P.S. Turn off the TV – (why? see some ecofacts)