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Making the Web Work for You

A great web design is essential if you want to provide the right context for your marketing strategy, maximise your online presence, reinforce your brand identity and make a great first impression on website visitors.

At IMRE, our web designers and marketing experts are ready to combine different areas of web design with the latest inbound marketing techniques to offer you a powerful online platform that will help you attract a higher number of visitors, generate and nurture more leads, convert them into loyal customers and increase your company’s revenue.

Whether you’re creating a new website from scratch, or re-architecting an existing website to improve its search engine ranking. If you need to better facilitate conversion of visitors into prospects and customers or make your website an integral part of your inbound marketing, we’re here to help.

  • Websites for Mobile Devices

  • Web Design & Development

    Creating stunning and engaging web designs is what we do. From great aesthetics to easy navigation. And we’ll help you put your customer’s experience at the centre of your website strategy.

    • Architecting and re-architecting websites according to the most current technical, aesthetic and functional criteria;
    • Updating websites on a regular basis to ensure maximum visibility in their target markets and deliver an interactive and fun experience for users;
    • Using identical web design elements (e.g. colour schemes, logos, letterheads, fonts, etc.) across all the pages of a website to maintain visual consistency, reinforce brand identity and avoid confusing visitors;
    • Implementing responsive web design so that your website will be able to dynamically adapt to various devices and respond to different types of visitors and behavioural patterns;
    • Focusing on intuitive functionality and ease of use to seamlessly funnel website visitors to conversion points;
    • Complementing websites with industry-specific elements, such as shopping carts, configurable measurement units, configurable lists of countries/cities, etc.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    • Identifying and incorporating relevant keywords into your website content;
    • Complying with semantic mark-up, search-engine friendly URL and W3C guidelines;
    • Adjust site source codes to improve the performance and overall compatibility of web pages with different mobile devices and environments;
    • Optimising website content and blog posts for organic search.

    Social Media Integration

    • Adding social media elements, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+1 and Twitter buttons, to your web pages;
    • Shifting and repositioning website elements to prioritise content distribution across social media channels;
    • Enabling specific features to automatically adjust text size and readability, according to the device being used;
    • Posting updates and promoting website content on social media websites.
  • Test & Measure

  • Test & Measure

    We run network and routing design audits on a regular basis, using heat map, A/B testing and other testing tools. Based on the test results, we analyse all the factors that affect website functionality (e.g. page load time, indexing of web pages, cross-browser compatibility, etc.) and adjust the design elements necessary, such as website layout, visual hierarchy, CTAs, etc.

    By testing and fine tuning your website design frequently, we can offer you a highly functional website with an impressive suite of features and plugins that will bring you more visitors, leads, customers and revenue.

    Focusing on the delicate balance between awesome web design and functionality, our experts can come up with a comprehensive web design solution to help you turn your company’s mission and vision into a visual story, created in synergy with your brand image and business goals.

  • Making Email Marketing Work

  • Design Is Not Enough

    Today, it is no longer enough to have a beautiful website; you need a website that can handle all the rigors of inbound marketing, while complying with the latest user requirements. To come up with the right mix of striking web design and proven inbound marketing tactics you need in order to maximise your website’s conversion rate and stay ahead of the competition, not only will our specialists use the latest standard-compliant code and technologies, but they will also plan everything down to the smallest detail.

    To find out how IMRE can help you improve your online presence and increase your profit margins by simply offering your website visitors an unforgettable online experience, give us a call at 01296.821.919 or email us at info@imre.uk today!