The Basics of Debating

You can debate, and that is our mission, to show you how!

Come and join us to learn how to prepare, structure and deliver your argument in a formal mini-debate. A Toastmasters meeting with a difference.

Gain an understanding of debating at this taster event:

What is a good debate?

If a proper debate is to add value to a problem that needs a solution then there are minimum standards that we should expect:

  • Relevant rational arguments
  • Use of reliable evidence
  • Being able to convince others of the truths
  • An allowance for cross-examination


Debating is essentially a tool for decision making.

Once the arguments have been made and the truths have been tested then we should, on balance, be able to make a good decision.

What to Expect

Hone your communication skills and improve your leadership abilities:

  • Work in teams rather than as Toastmaster individuals
  • Learn to argue points you would not ordinarily agree with
  • Think on your feet in order to refute the opposing arguments
  • Being able to respond to your own arguments being attacked
  • Enhance your active listening skills
  • Learn how to focus and respond under pressure and within strict time limits

New Skills

  • Constructing persuasive arguments
  • Spotting *logical fallacies
  • Getting to the heart of issues under discussion
  • Winning the arguments while keeping the audience on your side

Enhancing Your Career

“I now submit my proposals after I have considered the downsides and alternatives”

– Lindsey Stout, Verizon Speakers

Event Location

Location is Tech Mahindra, 1st Floor, 401 Grafton Gate · Milton Keynes

Kindly hosted by Paul Imre




  • 6:15 pm - Registration
  • 6:30 pm - Start
  • 8:30 pm - End