AI Unconference GX #3

18th October 2018

Women in AI & Tech - do we need to fight prejudice?

The whole male v female, inherent biases and lack of diversity can be found in the people and the data that is being used to build and train AI. Do we need to worry?

Women in Tech, are the odds stacked against them. Should we care?

The above are hot topics and let’s have the discussions. The beauty of an unconference is the fact that the participants can and do shape the conversations.

Our job is to set the scene and to kick things off. To help us we have a great line up:

  • Becky Sarson – Entrepreneur in the Tech and Health Space
  • Gemma Yussuf – Heritage in AI and working for Oracle
  • Sonia Aste – Standup comedian who is just back from an AI gig. (http://soniaaste.com/)

If we can’t challenge you then perhaps at the very least Sonia can make you laugh! (BUT did the AI people let her out? Perhaps we have a robot? You will have to come to find out!)

What to bring
Ideas, questions and be ready to join in. This event is about you.

Important to know
Be prepared to abandon the notion of powerpoint slides. We learn best when we start talking to each other.

Unconference sessions will include:

(Subject to change)

7.00pm: Networking + tea + coffee
7.30pm: Intro by Becky Sarson
8.00pm: Gemma Yussuff – (Title TBD)
8.35pm: Sonia Aste
9:10pm: Break
9:20pm : Anchor #3 or Unconference element
9:45pm : Final comments
10:00pm : Close