Facial Recognition

What are the real issues and how should we respond?

  • Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Location: De Beauvoir Block in Hackney
  • Coming soon

At IMRE we are really pleased to have been invited to join a team to debate facial recognition technology. As usual, there is a lot of hype and reactionary responses to “scary tech”. Is California already ahead of the game with the banning of FR technology in San Fransisco or have they thrown out the baby with the bathwater? What are the real issues? Can we get past our fears and debate this topic rationally? 

Tony Koutsoumbos FRSA, of the Great Debaters Club, is putting forward a team of debaters who hope to do just that, to take a good long hard look at the FR benefits, harms, risks and opportunities. Come along and have your say in the Q&A. 


More details soon… for your calendars: 

Tuesday 30 July at De Beauvoir Block in Hackney from 6.30 pm.
A collaboration with Great Debaters Club,  PR firm Zetteler and workspace host De Beauvoir Block


  • More details soon