• 05 Apr 2018

    Webinar: Prepare your Inbound-Marketing for the world of AI

    How to use AI to conquer Your Inbound Marketing Challenges: During this webinar you’ll learn the the basic principle of inbound marketing and how educate your prospects and let customers find you.
    We explore how Artificial Intelligence tools could now help you get your marketing messages clearly seen through the mass of content and fake news.
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  • 05 May 2018

    AI & Tech Business Breakfast

    Q. Why on earth would you want to get out of bed on a Saturday bank holiday weekend for an event starting at 07:00?
    A. Because in business you need to be efficient. Whilst everyone else is slumbering you could be meeting and networking with some very serious and like-minded business orientated individuals. Not only that, you can participate and learn about two very hot topics in the world of technology right now: AI and Cyber. Would you really want to stay in bed knowing you are missing out on this?
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  • 31 May 2018

    AI Unconference GX – Health

    Exploring AI and new tech in Health. Would you trust the robots?
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