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Email Marketing

Getting your email marketing messages to your target audience is about more than just writing an email and hitting send. It’s a complex process that relies heavily on reputation, valuable content that engages recipients, a contact list full of subscribers who want to receive your email and a skilled interactive automated marketing platform to get it there.

But how do you build a solid reputation as a sender? What steps can you take to keep your emails arriving in people’s inboxes instead of their junk or spam folders?

How can you ensure your clients are happy and getting the most from your marketing campaigns?

With our experience we’ll help you utilise and grow your automated email campaigns to enhance your message, whilst avoiding the common pitfalls sometimes associated with the email marketing.

  • Targeted Email Marketing

  • Part of your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    Email Marketing is a pillar of Inbound Marketing.  So we’ll work with you to find new and innovative ways to grow your opt-in subscriber list, through your website, social media profiles and through your other automated marketing activities. We’ll help you manage your unsubscribes, bounced and invalid emails, removing them from your lists so your database integrity is always maintained.

    An intelligent approach to Lead Nuturing

    Disseminating and feeding campaign information back into your Marketing Automation database including recipient behaviour, engagement and preferences, enables your marketing to become even more relevant, and enables segmenting of future campaigns together with intelligent  lead scoring.

  • Email for Mobile Devices

  • Email Design

    After understanding your brand and marketing objectives we’ll design and build your email template, or email series, including testing for quality, spam and compatibility.

    Make sure it’s mobile friendly

    Knowing your audience and understanding what devices they are viewing your messages on is critical. You can start to understand this by viewing previous campaign statistics, then optimising your email for your audience.

    We understand the secrets and techniques required to build mobile friendly and cross device email templates and we test each email for compatibility against all major platforms and email clients. We’ll also advise on best practice design and usability for any given device.

    Killer Conversion Pages

    By helping you fine tune your destination pages, or create dedicated mobile, tablet, and desktop friendly landing pages, we’ll help increase you return on investment by increasing responses, conversions, and sales.

  • Email Marketing Campaign Testing

  • Campaign Planning & Management

    Following best practice when building your opt-in subscriber lists, and planning the most effective marketing messages & frequency of communication, are all critical elements of a successful email campaign.

    We’ll also help you integrate your email marketing with other technologies so it becomes an integrated part of your online marketing activities.  Coupled with your website, your social media profiles, your blogs and your chosen Marketing Automation platform,  you’ll get joined up approach to your emarketing.

    Email Campaign Management

    By providing the end-to-end management of your campaigns, you’ll always know that each one is properly tested (for deliverability and compatibility), and sent on-time. We’ll provide feedback on success and suggestions for improvements going forward.

    Always know that each campaign is properly tested, and sent on-time. We’ll provide you feedback on success and suggestions for improvements going forward.

    A/B Testing

    Split or A/B testing helps you, and us, take the guesswork out of campaign design.

    If you’re not sure which subject line to use or which content is most effective, an A/B split campaign is our opportunity to test both for you. By sending your mailing to your full list or a percentage of it that you choose (one group receives their email with subject line A, and the other, subject line B), we can help determine a “winning mailing”.

  • Making Email Marketing Work

  • Using the right technology

    As an independent agency, we are not tied to any one vendor or ESP (Email Service Provider). We can work with you choose the right automation platform for your needs, or help you get the best from your existing technology. And, as we’re always abreast of the latest trends and techniques in the world of email marketing you’ll always be ahead of your competition.

    Get to those inboxes

    Regardless of your chosen technology, we’ll ensure that before any campaign is sent, it is test passed through all major spam filters. If it fails, we’ll adapt your content to make sure it gets delivered.

    So, if you’re new to email marketing, or an old hand who just wants to get a little bit better, we can help you tune your email marketing, making sure you get to more inboxes, with the right marketing messages.

    Campaign Analytics

    Each time an email is sent, we’ll analyse both campaign level data and percentages, down to individual subscribers open and click statistics on your mailing list, so together we can plan even greater success for your future campaigns.

    But we realise that just because someone opened your email doesn’t mean they read it, so we can even break down your open rates to tell you how many people deleted your email, compared to how many read it.