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Content Marketing

Producing and distributing high-quality content on a consistent basis is something that every company with an online presence should do. However, posting content regularly is not enough to establish a positive presence online.

You also need to know how to use those perfect pieces of content you create to enhance your online branding, generate more leads and get more customers.

  • Targeted Content Marketing

  • Creating & Targeting Your Content

    At IMRE, our content marketing experts will analyse all the aspects of your business, including your target audience, competitors, brand, products and services. Then, they will develop a powerful action plan for your content marketing strategy, which typically includes:

    • Establishing the target audience and developing detailed buyer personas to ensure that every piece of content we write fits your prospect and customer profiles perfectly;
    • Writing and formatting:

      • high-end branded articles and blog posts that address specific questions and challenges faced by your prospects and customers;
      • press releases to make company announcements;
      • informational white papers, case studies, and ebooks, which can also be posted as free downloads on your website or included in your drip marketing campaigns;
      • custom landing pages optimised with relevant keywords for the product or service presented;
      • social media updates.

    • Optimising your articles and blog posts with relevant keywords, title tags and meta descriptions;
    • Improving your blog authority and ranking with inbound and outbound links;
    • Complementing blog posts, articles, white papers and ebooks with custom charts, graphics or images to transform them into irresistible content that readers will like and share;
    • Developing innovative calls-to-action and placing them strategically on your landing pages and throughout your website to encourage visitors to take the actions you want;
    • Personalising the content creation and distribution process based on your marketing goals and KPIs, tweaking your content marketing strategy as necessary to ensure that you always reach your target audience;
    • Distributing content through your company’s website, blog, social media channels, article directories, industry-specific micro-sites and email.
  • Delight Customers

  • Content to Engage & Nurture Your Audience

    In addition to delivering professionally researched and written content, our talented writers will work closely with our marketing experts to nurture your leads at each stage of the sales funnel.

    As a result, the content we create will help you:

    • build and boost brand awareness among prospects and attract them to your website;
    • inform and educate your site visitors, positively influencing their perception of your brand;
    • move your leads through the sales funnel and convert them into customers;
    • keep your customers engaged, turning them into true brand ambassadors;
    • establish your company as an authority figure in the industry.

    Since a content marketing strategy would be incomplete without an editorial calendar, our marketing specialists will also establish a content creation and publishing calendar, and manage the flow of content for each of your distinct buyer personas.

    All these will allow us to come up with an effective content marketing plan for your campaigns, synchronise distribution channels and keep content development and publishing on track.

  • Email Marketing Campaign Testing

  • Testing & Measuring Content Reach

    To help you take full advantage of your content marketing strategy, we also use a wide variety of metrics to accurately monitor each piece of content we create and measure results against your goals. This way, we are able not only to identify what worked well and what needs improvement but also to use results as a guideline for future content creation.

    Focusing on the positives, we will then fine tune your entire content marketing strategy to ensure that your future marketing campaigns will exceed your goals for visits, leads, customers and last, but not least, revenue.

    What’s more, we use intelligent content marketing software solutions that are outstandingly unobtrusive, which means that no editing of your site source code will be required.

  • Social Reach1

  • It’s All About the Love

    The main purpose of creating and delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time is to let your prospects and customers know that they are well looked after right from the beginning. This reassurance will eventually lead to a higher lead generation and conversion rate, with a positive impact on your overall ROI.

    While growing your brand is all about identifying and promoting the values your prospects and customers share, today’s brands do not live or die based on the values they promote; they live or die based on their content, posts, tweets, pins, likes and follows.

    If you are looking for a team that brings together marketing, writing and web design experts, who are able to formulate a coherent content marketing strategy and generate great ideas that your audience will love to share, contact us at IMRE today!